Burundi: support for the reintegration of populations affected by conflict

May 2013

FAO Burundi has been supporting the harmonious reintegration of returnees in the southern provinces of Makamba, Rutana and Bururi. Through the project, FAO has supported more than 4000 households (20,000 + people) through a 2 year EU funded join FAO-UNDP-UNICEF project, targeting households which were displaced during the crises in 1978 and 1993.

According to UNHCR more than 500,000 people have returned to Burundi since 2002. The sustainable reintegration of these vulnerable groups is key to ensuring long term peace in the country.

The project aims to improve agricultural productivity and fertility on land the returnee households have been provided with, ensuring access to key agricultural inputs which will in turn reinforce agricultural-based livelihoods, and increase agricultural production and ensure food security.