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Syria - Counting the cost

Apr 2017
Les appellations employées et la présentation des données sur la carte n'impliquent de la part de la FAO aucune prise de position quant au statut juridique ou constitutionnel des pays, territoires ou zones maritimes, ni quant au tracé de leurs frontières ou limites.

Today, food production is at a record low and around half the population remaining in Syria are unable to meet their daily food needs. Against this background, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has conducted the first comprehensive nationwide assessment on the cost of the war to the agriculture sector. The assessment interviewed more than 3 500 households and conducted focus groups in over 380 communities to establish the impact and get a clearer understanding of the type of support required to kick-start the recovery.

The findings revealed that USD 16 billion has been lost in terms of production, along with damaged and destroyed assets and infrastructure within the agriculture sector. The assessment also estimates that, depending on the scenario, between USD 11 to 17 billion would be required to kick-start the recovery of the agriculture sector.

Author: Reporting Unit