Northeastern Nigeria - Situation report January 2017

Northeastern Nigeria - Situation report January 2017
Jan 2017


  • 5.1 million people face acute food insecurity in northeastern Nigeria (Adamawa, Borno and Yobe States) during the next lean season (Cadre harmonisé analysis released on 28 October) – immediate intervention is required to assist these populations. A recent Special IPC Alert on Borno State (FEWS NET; 16 December) noted that a famine is likely ongoing and will continue in inaccessible areas of Borno State assuming conditions remain the same. The alert also noted that the current response is insufficient to meet needs.
  • In 2017, FAO is asking for USD 62 million under the Humanitarian Response Plan for Nigeria. Of this, USD 20 million is urgently required to reach 500 000 people during the upcoming main planting season starting in June 2017. Missing this season will mean food insecurity and, therefore, humanitarian costs will continue rising into 2018.
  • FAO’s dry season campaign is ongoing, with 174 400 people receiving vegetable seed, irrigation equipment and livestock support.
  • A combination of food assistance and food production support is the only way to address the scale of hunger facing the people of northeastern Nigeria.