Ethiopia - Situation report May 2017

Ethiopia - Situation report May 2017
May 2017


  • Humanitarian needs in Ethiopia are increasing primarily in southern and southeastern pastoral areas due to the failure of the 2016 deyr/hagaya (October to December) rains and below-average and erratic 2017 gu/genna (March to May) rains.
  • Drought is heavily impacting the livelihoods of livestock-dependent communities, with extremely limited pasture and water causing abnormal migrations, widespread livestock deaths, enhanced morbidity rates and extreme emaciation.
  • Food insecurity has surged since the beginning of the year. As of May, 7.8 million Ethiopians are in need of emergency food aid, a 39 percent increase since mid-January. Malnutrition rates are also increasing and extreme coping mechanisms are observed.
  • Maize and sorghum production is threatened by the spread of a new pest. Presence of the fall armyworm has been reported in three regions, raising concerns over the rapid geographic spread of the infestation and potential for significant crop damage.
  • FAO urgently requires USD 8.4 million to address the needs of drought-affected pastoralists in southern and southeastern Ethiopia. Funding needs are likely to increase once the upcoming post-belg/gu/genna assessment has been conducted.