Somalia | Distributing fishing kits and engine boats in Hafun town

Somalia | Distributing fishing kits and engine boats in Hafun town
Jun 2021

Following Cyclone Gati, which hit Somalia in November 2020, FAO distributed fishing kits and boat equipment to 780 households in Hafun town – the most affected town in the country. Thanks to the generous support of the European Union, the project, Coastal Communities Against Piracy (CCAP), also distributed 15 boat engines to get fisherfolk back into the sea to restart their livelihoods. 

With support from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in Puntland, FAO was able to identify the most vulnerable households to receive the 15 boat engines, which are shared between small groups supporting some 60 fisherfolk. 

Through FAO’s cash+ integrated programme, beneficiaries also received immediate financial relief through ‘mobile money’ in addition to fishing equipment and training. 

In addition to providing emergency support, FAO is working to rebuild and rehabilitate the once thriving fishing sector in Puntland for the long term. Plans are targeted to provide fishing households with additional equipment, cash and training to strengthen their livelihoods after surviving the strongest storm in Somalia’s history.

Project code: OSRO/SOM/609/EC

Author: FAO in Somalia