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 - The first Ebola outbreak in Guinea highlighted the vulnerability of the country’s health system. Without action, the country could have seen the emergence of other zoonotic more
 - Ce rapport propose une analyse des effets de la maladie à coronavirus 2019 (covid-19) sur le système agroalimentaire du Togo, en se basant sur l’évaluation menée more
 - This report shares an analysis of the effects of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) on the agri-food system in Mozambique. It analyses the results of a field assessment more
 - The arid and semi-arid areas (ASALs) of Kenya cover nearly 84 percent of the national land and thus present an enormous potential contribution to national agricultural more
 - To strengthen community resilience through the use of FAO early warning information to improve flood and drought risk reduction, preparedness and mitigation.
 - FAO supports a table-top simulation exercise to consider the impact of a potential avian influenza animal health emergency on existing plans, procedures and capacities.  The Food and Agriculture more
 - “I’ve spent most of my life on the canoe fishing, but fish always spoiled and food was never enough”, recalls Deng Abdulai.  Even with the fertile waters more
 - To strengthen food security, nutrition and livelihoods in Somalia and improve resilience to future shocks.
 - To protect the livelihoods of vulnerable agropastoral households and enhance their food production.
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