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 -  to assist 50 million people FAO requires USD 1.5 billion period January–December 2022                                 The world has not faced a risk of widespread famine affecting multiple countries so severe in over a decade. more
 - To contribute to the protection of vulnerable populations affected by the crises in the Greater Upper Nile region against hunger, malnutrition and destitution.
 - With some of the world's worst food crises in recent years impacting tens of millions of people, there is an urgent need for specifically targeted funding more
 - With each day that passes, more lives are at stake as hunger tightens its grip in southern Madagascar. This is the stark warning from two United more
 - The number of people experiencing acute food insecurity has remained persistently above 100 million over the last four years. In 2019, the figure rose sharply to more
 - Hunger and famine will persist and there will be unequal recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic unless more women in rural and urban areas more
 - The window to prevent famine in Yemen is narrowing as new figures reveal record highs of acute food insecurity in the country, the Food and Agriculture Organization of more
 - To contribute to protecting the most vulnerable populations in northeastern Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen.
 - Throughout history 6 000 – 7 000 plant species have been cultivated for food. Yet today 40 percent of our daily calories come from just three more
 - Projected IPC acute food insecurity situation overview in South Sudan from 01/05 to 31/07/2020. Click on the Counties for more details.
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