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 - To limit the impact of desert locust on agricultural production and food security in locust-affected areas of the targeted countries.
 - To improve household food security, restore food production, and protect livestock assets.
 - To protect the livelihoods of the most vulnerable communities and enhance production while strengthening resilience.
 - Fondos irán al Programa de la FAO para Respuesta y Recuperación al COVID-19, que impulsará la resiliencia de pequeños productores, especialmente mujeres, jóvenes y pueblos indígenas, more
 - One of the world’s most vulnerable regions to climate-related threats, Central America’s Dry Corridor has been directly impacted by climate change over the last 20 years. more
 - Soutenir la relance des activités agricoles afin d’améliorer les conditions de vie des familles.  La République centrafricaine continue d’être touchée par les effets de l’instabilité politique, les more
 - To protect the livelihoods of vulnerable agropastoral households and enhance their food production.
 - Thanks to the funding of Ireland, FAO implemented its project OSRO/CMR/803/IRE entitled ‘’Supporting household resilience of Lake Chad Basin communities affected by the Boko Haram insurgency’’.  The more