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 - New findings indicate the food crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) shows little sign of abating, and could worsen in the coming months without scaled-up assistance, the ...leer más
 - On 29 October 2021, Japan signed an agreement with FAO to contribute USD 7 million (JPY 771 000 000) to enhance the food security and nutrition of vulnerable internally displaced, ...leer más
 - Située au coeur de la bande sahélo-saharienne, la région du Liptako‑Gourma s’étend sur une large zone de 370 000 km2 où vit une population d'environ 10,8 millions d’habitants en 2021 ...leer más
 - This publication was developed by the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance (UNU-Merit) in partnership with FAO. The policy paper is conceived as a framing paper, which conceptualizes the relationship between social ...leer más
 - Este folleto ofrece una descripción general del trabajo de la FAO en contextos de desplazamiento forzado. Destaca enfoques clave para la programación y la actuación de políticas en situaciones de ...leer más
 - Key messages:  The takeover of Mekele city by the Tigray Defense Force (TDF) on 28 June 2021 was peaceful. On the same day, the Federal Government declared a ceasefire citing the ...leer más
 - Millions of people in Myanmar are expected to become hungry over the coming six months as food security is predicted to rise sharply and plunge the country into a food ...leer más
 - Au Burkina Faso, les quatre régions les plus touchées par la crise sécuritaire – le Centre-Nord, l’Est, le Nord et le Sahel – continuent de faire face à une situation ...leer más
 - The ongoing conflict in Tigray has led to a humanitarian crisis characterized by alarmingly high levels of food insecurity, gender-based violence, widespread displacement, limited access to services, and the destruction ...leer más
 - In addition to being exposed to climatic shocks, Chad is affected by chronic poverty and persistent insecurity, which exacerbate populations’ vulnerabilities. Since 2015, the Lake Chad province in the country ...leer más
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