Impacts of Bioenergy on Food Security - Guidance for Assessment and Response at National and Project Levels

Year: 2012
FAO’s Bioenergy and Food Security Criteria and Indicators (BEFSCI) project has developed a set of indicators that be used to assess the impacts of bioenergy on food security at both national and levels. In addition, BEFSCI has identified range of [...]

BEFS Thailand: Key results and policy recommendations for future bioenergy development

Year: 2010
The analysis presented in this document includes the main findings and recommendations for policy-makers on how to achieve Thailand’s envisaged biofuel targets in a sustainable way without impacting food security. A draft of this document was the centrepiece of policy [...]

Household level impacts of increasing food prices in Cambodia

Year: 2010
There has been widespread concern regarding the surge in staple prices over the last few years and developments have been widely recognized, although to a varying degree, as one of the recent price surge and increased price volatility. Within the [...]

Bioenergy and Food Security - The BEFS analysis for Thailand

Year: 2010
The Government of Thailand, through its Alternative Energy Development Plan, has set a target of increasing its biofuels production to five billion litres by 2022. The Thai Government sees this expansion as a way to strengthen the country’s energy security, [...]

Bioenergy and food security - The BEFS Analysis

Year: 2010
The analysis presented in this document describes the implementation of the BEFS Analytical Framework in Peru. The analysis provides an entry point into the issues surrounding bioenergy and food security. The results arising form the analysis should not be seen as definitive [...]

Bioenergía y seguridad alimentaria BEFS - El análisis de BEFS para el Perú - Compendio técnico - Volumen I Resultados y conclusiones

Year: 2010
El análisis presentado en este documento describe la implementación del Marco Analítico BEFS en Perú. El objetivo principal del reporte Compendio Técnico titulado Bioenergía y Seguridad Alimentaria Aplicación del Análisis de BEFS en Perú es demostrar como la utilización de [...]

El análisis de BEFS para el Perù- Compendio técnico, Volumen 2, Metodologías. 2

Year: 2010
El análisis presentado en este documento describe la implementación del Marco Analítico BEFS  en  Perú.  El  análisis  proporciona  una  puerta  de  entrada  a  los  temas  que  conciernen  bioenergía  y  seguridad  alimentaria.  Los  resultados  que  surgen  del  análisis  no  deberían  ser  considerados  como  definitivos  [...]

The BEFS Analysis for Tanzania

Year: 2010
The BEFS assessment for Tanzania enables a comprehensive consideration of the conflicts and synergies in the food security-bioenergy nexus in order to contribute to a more informed policy process that in Tanzania will contribute to the formulation of a biofuels policy. The BEFS [...]

Bioenergy and Food Security - The BEFS Analytical Framework.

Year: 2010
A potent argument for bioenergy development lies in the ability of the sector to unlock agricultural potential by bringing in much needed investments to raise agricultural productivity to spur food security and poverty reduction. This document presents the BEFS Analytical [...]

Technical Compendium: Description of Agricultural Trade Policies in Peru

Year: 2010
This document compiles together three technical reviews on Agriculture Trade policies in Peru, Tanzania and Thailand, the three countries that the Bioenergy and Food Security (BEFS) project is currently working in. The technical compendium provides technical details of agriculture trade [...]
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