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FactFile archives 1997-2001

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Trends in cassava production
Children suffering from undernutrition, by region Livestock as a source of power in the fields
Majority of people to live in cities by 2005 Satisfying the food needs of urban populations
Proportion of undernourished people shrinks slightly Number of hungry people rising
Feminization of agriculture Women carry a heavy load
Coastal environments under threat Landings by fishing area
Numbers of fishers Global warming and agriculture
Urban growth One woman's day in Sierra Leone
El Niño (October-March) El Niño (April-September)
Climate change - greenhouse gases II Climate change - greenhouse gases
Soil fertility Post-harvest losses
Desertification (Africa) Desertification
Irrigation Street food vendors
Marine fishery landings (demersal) Marine fishery landings (pelagic)
Forest areas Where have all the forests gone?
Agricultural Extension Mapping Undernutrition
Children and Nutrition Livestock numbers
Refugees Nutrition
Forest Loss Low-Income Food-Deficit Countries (LIFDCs)
Food aid recipients WFP emergency food operations
Total fish production Nominal catch of Atlantic cod
Global hunger Domestic animal diversity

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