Normes environnementales et sociales



4th Annual Meeting of the Technical Network on Climate Change | Budapest, Hungary | 5-8 November 2019 |
Presentations provided on FAO’s climate risk screening and climate risk assessment process and tools available; Environmental and Social Management Standards applied to the GCF; FAO Environmental and Social Management Guidelines; and ESS clinic: incorporating ESS into Project Design. See the Summary here.


Nutrition and Environmental and Social Standards to promote food security and healthy diets | 9 July 2021 | Go to the recording

How is FAO staying committed to Environmental and Social Standards in programming during COVID-19 pandemic? | 31 Jul 2020 | Go to the recording.

Gender in the field in a Changing Climate | 25 Nov 2019 |   Go to the recording.

Gender Equality as a Social Standard | 4 Nov 2019 | Go to the recording.

Assessing climate risk for identifying adaptation and mitigation interventions and investments | 23 Sep 2019 | Go to the recording.