Normes environnementales et sociales

Environmental and Social Safeguard 9 (ESS 9) Indigenous People and Cultural Heritage

ESS 9 recognizes indigenous peoples’ traditions and knowledge present opportunities for many of the challenges that humankind will face in the coming decades. ESS 9 follows the FAO Policy on Indigenous Peoples which embraces the principles of self-determination: respect for indigenous knowledge cultures and traditional practices that contribute to sustainable and equitable development; and Free, Prior and Inform Consent (FPIC). 


  • Guarantee the application of the Policy on Indigenous Peoples and the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in all FAO projects and programmes.
  • Recognize, respect and preserve the rights, lands, natural resources, territories, livelihoods, knowledge, social fabric, traditions, governance systems of Indigenous Peoples.

Read the full ESS 9 here.