CCID 27th Annual Conference "Community Colleges in the World - Including the Excluded"

Major events continue to transform social, economic, and political life globally. The CCID 27th Annual Conference focuses on efforts to promote the economic development of nations through education and training. At the centre of discussion was the role of community colleges worldwide, and their contribution to the wellbeing of nations. At the same time, it was explored the role of the US community college in educating our students, faculty and citizens for the global economy. Through the FAO/ UNESCO collaboration, one of this year's conference tracks focused on education of rural populations. * The conference theme was divided into sub-topics that represent the following international education and economic development issues: Education for Rural People (ERP): The FAO and UNESCO Flagship Initiative * Learning Needs of Rural Populations * Overcoming the Urban/Rural Education Gap in the Developing World * Gender and Age-Specific Focus and Outreach Practices * Public and Private Support of Education in Rural Regions.