The Contribution of Education for Rural People to the Millennium Development Goals: results from case studies (Senegal, Chad, Tanzania, Bolivia, Chile)

Rome, 31 May 2005

The seminar presenting the results of case studies on ERP in Senegal, Chad, Tanzania, Bolivia, Chile addressed the following topics:
Training in natural resources management for illiterate farmers in Bolivia; agricultural education, school gardens and community schools in rural Chad; basic skill training for artisan fishing communities in Chile; support to early childhood and primary education for rural livelihoods in Senegal; rural life in primary and secondary school curriculum in Tanzania (Zanzibar).
The meeting was held at FAO.
The initiative was promoted by FAO/SDRE, the ERP Partnership Initiative and the Association of Italian NGOs, within the project "Education for Rural People and Food Security" lead by the Italian NGO ACRA, with a network of European, African and Southern American NGOs, with the support of the European Commission.
The following delegation from Senegal participated at the meeting:
Mr Malamine Tamba, Executive Director, Conseil des ONG du Sénégal pour l'action et le développement, (CONGAD).
Mr Babacar Arona, President of the NGO Kalounayes pour le développement Economique et Social (KDES), teacher of the primary school of Koubanao, Senegal;
Mr Malamine Badji, member of the NGO KDES, teacher of the primary school of Koubanao.

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