On line video-conference on Education for Rural People

10 August 2006.

The StarBak Communications Inc. hosted a video-conference on "Training of professional farmers: the challenge of fostering human capital in an integrated system" linking six countries: Argentina, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.
The training of professional farmers is very important in Latin America and in the Caribbean region to face the competition of the world market. The preparation of human capital with high skills in agriculture is the key to facilitate the renewal of the production methods and to contribute to the development of agriculture as well as to food security in the region.
Every country presented experiences concerning farmers training programmes with the aim to foster awareness of the importance of skilled farmers and to implement government projects in this field.
The initiative is part of the Education for Rural People (ERP) partnership and follows up to a similar video conference in September 2005 and to the 2004 ERP Capacity Building Regional Conference in Santiago.