Human Development and Food Security and Education for Rural People (ERP)

University of Rome Tre
Rome, 6-11 October, 2006.

On 6 and 11 October two presentations contextualizing the ERP partnership initiative within Human Development and Food Security (HDFS) policies were given at the University's of Rome Tre Master Program.
The Master on HDFS is a member of the ERP flagship. The first session addressed "Education and Development policies: a chronology of main events leading to the Education for All (EFA) initiative and to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs')".
Such chronology provided the historical framework to explain, during the second session, "The launch and the nature of the Education for Rural People partnership initiative", that occurred during the World Summit on Sustainable Development (Johannesburg, 2002).
Additionally, two national cases studies were addressed.
Ms.Valeria Bellettini presented the strategy of the Ecuadorian Government to improve the quality of education for rural people by creating school of networks in rural areas.
Ms. Silvia Baronio presented the Senegalese experience in the Yene rural community and referred on how a specific Secondary Education College (College d'Enseignement Moyen) is fostering community participation by publishing a school newspaper.