Forum-Workshop of education and rural development in Venezuela

Merida (Venezuela)
16 - 17 November 2006

On November 16 - 17, 2006, in the city of Merida (Venezuela), the workshop "Education and Rurality in the Development Process of Venezuela" took place at Los Andes University.

This national workshop had as a background the Seminar "Alternatives of Rural Education in Venezuela" that took place in Barquisimeto (Venezuela) in 2004.

The objectives of this workshop were to analyze the theoretical rationale of rurality in this Andean country, to present experiences in the field of education for rural people and finally to foster the creation and the strengthening of alliances among organizations working on education in rural areas.

This workshop was organized by a member of the Education for Rural People flagship, FUNDAVER (Fundación Venezolana de Educación Rural) that stands in English for The Venezuelan Foundation for Education in Rural Areas.