Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Secondary Agricultural Schools in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Republic of Serbia

1 December 2006
FAO Headquarter, Rome, Italy

The Inter-departmental Working Group on Training for Technicians and the Education for Rural People (ERP) Partnership organized a workshop on the contribution of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Republic of Serbia Secondary Agricultural Schools to improve farmers practices in managing Western Corn Rootworm (WCR).
The presenters explained how they adapted the Farmers Field Schools (FFS) participatory principles and methods for curriculum planning in Secondary Agricultural Schools.
The regional “IPM for WCR in Eastern and Central Europe” project, implemented with FAO technical support (GTFS/RER/017/ITA) introduces participatory approaches to facilitate the implementation of Integrated Pest Management for corn, with special reference to the WCR. These approaches range from participatory research, involving national research institutions working in collaboration with corn producers, to participatory training, for local adaptation of the FFS method, including involvement of Secondary Agricultural Schools.