Education & Training for Food Security Capacity Building and Good Practices in Five African Countries

22 October 2007,
Rome, Italy

The Interdepartmental Working Group for Training for Technicians and Capacity Building (IDWGTT) presented its collective output: 'Education & Training for Food Security: Capacity Building and Good Practices in Five African Countries", a selection of member states education and training good practices undertaken with FAO’s technical support.

The meeting focused on five good practices based on education and training participatory process and specifically:

  • Education on agriculture and life skills knowledge in Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools (JFFLS), Mozambique
  • Improving fish smoking, Guinea
  • Promotion of the use of the Agricultural Inputs by the Organizations of Producers, Niger
  • Rural Radio, Mali
  • Capacity Building in Community-Based Forest Enterprise Development, Gambia

Speakers: Sophie Grouwels,Forestry Policy and Institutions Service (FONP); Audun Lem and Yvette Diei Ouadi, Fish Utilization and Marketing Service (FIIU); Walter Leon Burgos, Land and Plant Nutrition Management Service (AGLL); Carol Djeddah, Economic and Social Development Service (ESWD); Riccardo del Castello, Research and Extension Unit (NRRR).
Daniela Bruni, Education for Rural People Coordination Unit (NRRR) as co-writer of the book, facilitated the presentation.

Anton Mangstl chaired the meeting, with Lavinia Gasperini as Coordinator of the book and Chairperson of the IDWGTT.