Workshop on Education for Rural People in Africa

FAO, Rome,
Italy, 28-29 November 2007

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Approximately 70% of Africa's population lives in rural areas. These areas have the highest proportions of poor, the majority of out-of-school children and the highest illiteracy rates, with the attendant problems of compromised food security and health, limited productivity, limited opportunities to improve livelihoods, poor management of resources and of the environment. Education for rural people is thus a strategic priority in the fight against extreme poverty, hunger and illiteracy and for the promotion of rural development.

High-level officials from the Ministries of Education and Agriculture of more than 10 African countries participated in a workshop on education for rural people in Africa held at FAO Headquarters, Rome, on 28 and 29 November 2007.

Discussions was organized around the following themes:

- Educational and training policies for rural people: State of affairs and implementation in participant countries
- Education, training and extension and the fight against poverty and hunger
- Strategies targeted to meet the demand for education, training and extension for rural people, including financing strategies
- Contribution of higher and tertiary education and research to education for rural populations
- Partnerships in support of education for rural people

The workshop focused on progress made since the ministerial seminar on education for rural development held in Addis Ababa in September 2005.

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Agenda and Information note

Agenda (Word Document) and Information Note ( PDF Document)

Workshop documents

Opening Session

Presentation , David Acker (Powerpoint)

Background Documents and Publications

Documents from co-organising partner

Education for Rural People in Africa
(FAO, UNESCO/IIEP, ADEA, 2006. ISBN: 978-92-803-1295-9)

Link to the 2005 ERP ministerial seminar (FAO)

Documents from Countries

Burkina Faso - PRSP ; Ethiopia - PRSP ; Guinea - PRSP ; Kenya - PRSP ; Madagascar - PRSP ;

Mozambique - PRSP ; Niger - PRSP ; Senegal - PRSP ; Uganda - PRSP;

Documents from strategic partners


World Bank - World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development

- Overview ;

- Overview (Portuguese)

- Focus on Education and Skills for Rural Development

Press Corner

- Media Advisory

- Conclusions