Training in Agribusiness management for rural associations

8 May 2007
FAO Headquarter, Rome, Italy

On 8 May 2007 the Education for Rural People Coordination Unit organized a seminar to present the manual on “Agribusiness Management for Business Rural Associations in Latin American and the Caribbean Region” based on a field research conducted by Ms Pilar Santacoloma.
Ms Santacoloma is an Agricultural Economist, Ph. D. from the FAO Rural Infrastructure and Agro Industries Division (AGS) in the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department.

The research outlined issues and challenges in Agribusiness Management and training needs assessment.

The meeting was a contribution to the preparation of a collaborative publication of the Interdepartmental Working Group on Training for Technicians and Capacity Building (IDWGTT) on selected members’ states education and training good practices undertaken with FAO’s technical support.