Biennale"on Post-Primary Education (PPE)

May 5-9, 2008
Maputo, Mozambique, at the Joaquim Chissano International Conference Centre

“Education for Rural People: where do we stand?” was the focus of the presentation given during the ‘ADEA Biennale’ on 7 May in Maputo by the ERP coordinator in a plenary Round Table on: “Issues of Access and Equity”. The presentation drew from a paper published by FAO and IOWA State University and a research co-published in 2007 by FAO and University of Roma Tre indicating that education investments have a high direct impact on food security were also presented. A lecture on ERP was also given to a group of about 25 African education journalists who were awarded for the best articles on education in Africa during 2007.
The presentation was based on:

The presentation was based on:

  • Acker, D.G and Gasperini, L. - Education for Rural People: What have we learned?, (The Journal of International Agricultural and Extension Education (AIAEE), Vol. 15, n.1.) 2008
  • Burchi F., De Muro P. Education for Rural People and Food Security A Cross-Country Analysis, FAO and University Roma Tre/Department of Economics, Rome 2007

The Biennale focused on the learning opportunities made available to children and young persons having completed primary schooling or equivalent and higher education. The lack of opportunities for rural people to continue their studies at such levels and the need for policy makers to address such gap was also recommended during the Biennale.

The ‘ADEA Biennale’ is the most important African coordination event for the education and training sector. Participants include ministers of all African countries, Northern Africa - as well as bilateral and multilateral donors, senior education officers and NGOs representatives.