Global Campaign for Education

Hotel Nazionale, Piazza Montecitorio, Roma
11 December 2008

The Global Campaign for Education meeting was held on 11 December 2008 in Rome during which the importance of Education for Rural People (ERP) as a key policy issue to achieve Education for All (EFA) was stressed by the ERP partnership .

In particular a core set of challenges, lessons and examples of good practises of ERP were presented. The ERP intervention focused on the importance of engaging rural people directly in educational activities relevant to their lives, as well as the importance of ministries of education, agriculture and rural affairs coordination. The Global Campaign for education is a network composed of NGOs, university professors, teachers and trade unions, committed in contributing to implementing the EFA Dakar 2000 Plan of Action and to achieve the Millennium Goals within 2015, specifically Goal n. 2 on Universal Primary Education.