Knowledge exchange for capacity development between a university in the north and partners in rural East Africa.

1 July 2010,
Rome, Italy.

If structured carefully, knowledge exchange for capacity development can be mutually beneficial for partners in both the north and south, leading to more sustainable partnerships.

This seminar summarizes the case of Iowa State University’s engagement with public higher education and NGO partners in Uganda.

This knowledge exchange partnership contains elements of education, training, technical exchange, joint research, germplasm sharing, and networking to cultivate financial resources for development. The key element of this successful partnership is that knowledge flows in both directions through a pipeline built on social capital and thereby expanding on the notion of knowledge centers and knowledge users.

The seminar was organized by the Interdepartmental Working Group on Training for Technicians for Capacity Development (IDWGTT) and the Education for Rural People Partnership (ERP)

Dr. David Acker serves as Associate Dean for Academic and Global Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. He is a Professor of Agricultural Education and Studies and currently holds the Raymond and Mary Baker Endowed Chair for Global Agriculture. During the past 8 years Dr. Acker has worked with FAO experts in publishing 2 journal articles and one book, serving as a speaker and resource person at FAO capacity development workshops, and in serving as the lead person for Iowa State University in the Education for Rural People partnership.