Presentation of the last draft on "Learning and Education as Capacity for Food Security"

15 December 2010
Roma, Italy, FAO Headquarter

ERP, in collaboration with Dr. Ingemar Gustafsson and Dr. David Acker, presented the last draft of the paper on "Learning and Education as Capacity for Food Security" in which three major themes were highlighted: Education, Food Security and Capacity. The paper presented, then, the three dimensions of Capacity that can be found at individual, organizational and normative (or policy) level. In this context ERP was presented as a bridge between the right to education and the right to food security. During this event mention has been made to the publication “Education for Rural People. The role of education, training and capacity development in poverty reduction and food security” that can be considered complementary to this paper.

Dr. Ingemar Gustafsson, Consultant and Guest Researcher, University of Stockholm, Sweden, has a background in Swedish Development Cooperation where he has been responsible for the coordination of the policy for Capacity Development and Director of the Education Department of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida.

Dr. David Acker serves as Associate Dean for Academic and Global Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University. He is a Professor of Agricultural Education and Studies and currently holds the Raymond and Mary Baker Endowed Chair for Global Agriculture. During the past 8 years Dr. Acker has worked with FAO experts in publishing 2 journal articles and one book, serving as a speaker and resource person at FAO capacity development workshops, and in serving as the lead person for Iowa State University in the Education for Rural People partnership.