Conference "The truth shall make you free" - "Day on Globalization"

Theatre Augusteo
Salerno, 24 March 2012

In the framework of the "Days of globality", the Diocesan Service for Youth Ministry, the Diocesan Caritas and, The Rachelina Ambrosini Foundation organized , a seminar entitled “The truth shall make you free " , for secondary school students of the Archdiocese of Salerno, Campagna and Acerno

For young people, the ability to open up to the world is directly proportional to the existing models with which they can identify themselves, while discovering that the time and energies of life can become tools for building a more human world, a space for meeting and not for conflicts. As part of a mosaic of peoples, peace is inextricably linked to the concepts of justice and development in defense of the rights for all.

During the seminar a member of the Education for Rural People Coordination Unit presented the Education for Rural People Partnership and the FAO policy on agricultural education and training, as an important aspect of the FAO Corporate Strategy on Capacity Development, and of the global efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of reducing poverty and hunger.

The ERP coordinator discussed, among other things, the key aspects of national policies to ensure the cost effectiveness of ERP, such as:
1) a favourable policy environment;
2) the capacity of local organizations such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Education and the Civil Society to cooperate in planning and implementing ERP;
3) policies aiming at promoting access and quality of ERP
4) policies aiming at reducing the gender gap
5) a mutlisectoral and multidisciplinary approach
6) the involvement of governmental and nongovernmental stakeholders, including NGOs and the private sector.

The initiative took place with success in front of a large audience and amid reiterated expressions of appreciation for FAO’s activities with civil society and on decentralized cooperation.

During the seminar it was stressed that the common good, solidarity, respect, and care for the environment become viable paths where you can experience Beauty and Sharing.

The "Day on Globalization” meeting provided a further occasion for ERP to strengthen its dialogue with an NGO funded by the local communities and to establish a direct link with specific realities in the developing world. This NGO –Foundation Rachelina Ambrosini – has been active for the last 40 years, on the basis of communications campaigns aimed at educating people in the Campania region on the problem of underdevelopment and contributing to the support of a projects devoted to fighting poverty and hunger, which is why the Foundation asked FAO to present the ERP partnership and cooperates with the FAO/Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) group. It has also allowed to meet other stakeholders demonstrating interest in reaching the ERP partnership such as CUAM.

The presentation of the “Day of Globality” was done by Don MicheleDel Regno - Head of Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Salerno.

Speakers at the seminar were Dr. Renato Pagliara - MIUR Salerno, His Excellency Monsignor Luigi Moretti Metropolitan Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Salerno, Campagna and Acerno, Dr. Lavinia Gasperini, Agricultural Education Senior Officer, FAO / ERP, Dr. Ilaria Savoca Corona - Doctors with Africa CUAMM, dr. Tommaso Maria Ferri, president of the Humanitarian Foundation Rachelina Ambrosini. Dr. Enrico Saggese, President of the Italian Space Agency participated by video conference.