Conference "The Earth in our hands"

Conference Center
Bergamo, 27 March 2012

Today, the dominant model is based on "making war on Earth." The "war" begins in our minds as a paradigm that separates us from the Earth and rampages against us and other species of the ecosystem. Climate change, extinction of species and the water crisis are all derived from the ecological war against the Earth. This is the footprint of industrialization and globalization. When resources are destroyed, exploited to the limit and privatized, the war against the Earth starts to be a battle against people. The hoarding of land has dispossessed peasants and small farmers around the world. The privatization and the exclusive property of the seeds have led to the destruction of biodiversity and the indebtedness of farmers. An over production of goods and consumerism have also created an economic crisis, closing many opportunities for future generations.

Making Peace with the Earth is an ecological and economic imperative, and one of social justice.

The Right to Food, food sovereignty, respect for the environment and local cultures were the main themes discussed during this conference.

At the conference organized by Celim Bergamo, an ERP partner, intervened Vandana Shiva (world-renowned Indian physics and economist ).