Knowledge Sharing between the Universities Members of the ERP partnership,
and supporting capacity development for Food Security.

This new area allows Universities to share their knowledge, good practices and news with ERP partners and the public in general on the role of higher education in promoting capacity development for Food Security and poverty reduction and specified in FAO’s Vision and Global Goals.
The three Global Goals are:
a) reduction of the absolute number of people suffering from hunger, progressively ensuring a world in which people at all times have sufficient safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life,
b) elimination of poverty and the driving forward of economic and social progress for all, with increased food production, enhanced rural development and sustainable livelihoods,
c) sustainable management of and utilization of natural resources,

Shared material

News on Higher Education Capacity Development activities

Editor Universities Tutorial

The universities’ contribution is classified by:

-Courses and Learning material
-Research and publications
-Field projects

and by FAO core activities

-Economic and social
-Fisheries and aquaculture
-Natural resources
-Technical cooperation

To insert a news, a contribution or a best practice on the role of higher education in promoting capacity development for food security and poverty reduction and related issues you have to login  inserting your username and password.

a) For publishing a News
You have to login in the left menu and insert your password. Than you have to click on the item "Universities->News on Higher education" (http://www.fao.org/erp/universities/news-on-higher-education-capacity-development-activities/en/) , and an “Add News” item will appear below.

After clicking  on the item “Add News” a form will appear where you can insert your news
The news will not appear to for public consultation until ERP Coordination Unit validate it.

b) For publishing a best practices
You have to login and go to the TYPO3 backend: http://www.fao.org/typo3/
Select domain: TYPO3 backend and insert password and username.
Once authenticated, you have to go to the relative page clicking on Universities --> Knowledge_ Sharing and Capacity Development for Food Security: Universities' contribution

You can add a new row in the table in Edit mode by inserting the content related to “University"      “Abstract”        “Link”        “Type of activity (1,2,3)”    “FAO core activity (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)”.
This new material will be immediately published.

For any issue please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at [email protected] with Cc: to Gasperini, Maramici, Bertelli