The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)


FMD Surveillance // PCP-FMD // FMD vaccination

Foot-and-mouth disease global surveillance generates large amount of data. These data are collected, analyzed, and the resulting disease information is communicated and applied to evidence-based activities related to FMD prevention, preparedness and control. Under the EuFMD Phase V Workprogramme, the collection and presentation of relevant information to assist FMD risk managers is at the core of the three Pillars’ activities. This information is currently disseminated via publication of the joint Global FMD Quarterly Reports with the World Reference Laboratory (WRLFMD) and Quarterly FAST Reports, as well as within the reports of FMD Regional Roadmap meetings. The dashboards complement the published reports, allowing the user to visualize and interact with the data. 

These dashboards are intended for  FMD risk managers (EuFMD Member Nations, free and endemic countries), the “FMD community” reached through the Quarterly Report (academics, researchers, scientists), EuFMD Member Nations and European Commission stakeholders, vaccine manufacturers, international organizations (FAO and WOAH colleagues).

The below dashboards are available :

a. FMD surveillance


c. FMD vaccination (coming soon)