The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Commission activities

The role of the Commission is to co-ordinate the activities of the member nations in controlling and preventing the disease.

The Commission provides support to Member nations in FMD surveillance and circulates information on the FMD situation especially when there is a threat to Europe. The Commission endeavours to prepare guidelines on many aspects of FMD control (which are often endorsed by EC and OIE). It provides advice on all aspects of FMD prevention and control to the member countries on request. It also organises training or workshops on epidemiology or specific laboratory techniques.

The Commission's work helps to harmonize the measures to prevent FMD across all of Europe. EuFMD can help member countries to combat the disease if it occurs and may also organise vaccination campaigns in regions at risk.  The Commission works in close contact with the Animal Health Service of FAO in the field of FMD surveillance and control. The Commission integrates its efforts closely with all other organisations involved in preventing and controlling FMD (OIE and EC).