The European Commission for the Control of Foot-and-Mouth Disease (EuFMD)

Regional Groups for FAST Coordination

In pursuing its objectives of controlling FMD and preventing its re-introduction to Europe, EuFMD engages in special activities such as sharing of data and information as well as reporting on FAST diseases, serosurveillance, vaccination campaigns, buffer zones, trainingsand technical workshops. When implementing suchactivities, EuFMD usually does so in close cooperation and communication with the FAO, the European Commission (EC), the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) and different regional coordination groups have been initiated to improve coordination and prioritization of actions. 

Regional coordination groups have been established especially on major risk areas for the re-introduction of FAST into Europe such as the Southern Balkans and Thrace where representatives of countries are convened at least twice a year.

In the South East European neighbourhood, the EuFMD supports also tripartite meetings with Türkiye, I.R Iran, and Pakistan.

During the meetings, CVOs, National focal points and technical experts discuss the occurrence of FAST diseases and control measures; the relevant changes in disease risks; information on FAST diseases outbreaks and vaccination policies and identify priority needs.

The Joint Permanent Committee of the Statement of Intentions agreement between transcaucasus and nighbouring countries (SOI) made up by CVOs, the EuFMD, FAO, the EC and the WOAH, meets on an annual basis to review achievements and set priorities for the next year. 

Every three months, there are Coordination Meetings between the EuFMD, FAO (REU, SNE, RNE) and the WOAH, to have updates on the past, ongoing and planned main activities in the European neighbourhood on FAST diseases (FMD and similar transboundary animal diseases), and to identify activities of common interest and potential synergies.