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Executive Committee of the European Commission on Agriculture

Meetings of the Executive Committee can be convened by the Director General in agreement with the Chairperson of the ECA. The Executive Committee submits proposals to the Commission concerning the general orientation of the Commission’s activities and the programme of work. The Executive Committee should periodically inform all Members of the Commission, through the Director General, of any decisions taken. The Executive Committee is composed of the Chairperson of the ECA, two Vice-Chairpersons of the ECA and six other members elected by the Commission. The current membership of the Executive Committee of the ECA, as elected at the Forty-second Session of the ECA (2022), is presented below.

Members of Executive Committee


Mr Marios GEORGIADES (Cyprus)


Ms Lidija POPANDONOVA (North Macedonia)


Mr Kirill ANTYUKHIN (Russian Federation)


Mr Jiří JÍLEK (Czechia)

Mr Serkos A. CHAROUTOUNIAN (Greece)

Ms Lilla EGRI (Hungary)

Ms Vedrana ILIĆ (Serbia)

Mr Andreas FABIAN (Slovakia)

Mr Nuriddin KUSHNAZAROV (Uzbekistan)