Региональное представительство ФАО в Европе и Центральной Азии

Training course on African swine fever (ASF) diagnosis and Laboratory Contingency Plans under the TCP/BYE/3401

Minsk, Belarus, 26/10/2015 - 29/10/2015

The training is organized by FAO Regional Office for Europe and  Central Asia with support of FAO Reference Centre for African swine fever (ASF) Centro de Investigación en Sanidad Animal INIA-CISA, Valdeolmos, Madrid, España.

The objective of the training: is to strengthen laboratory diagnostic capacities of the Belarussian State Veterinary Center – National Reference Laboratory of Belarus and regional laboratories in particular improve expertise on ASF serological and virological diagnostic techniques, and identify potential further needs of the NRL laboratory for assistance.

The workshop covers the following topics: theoretical part: update on ASF in Europe, gaps and needs for a reliable diagnosis of the disease in both domestic and wild pigs, ASF diagnostic techniques, virus and antibody detection techniques, interpretation of the results; practical training: on genome detection, DNA extraction methods, amplification methods; real time PCR tests set up and analysis of the results, ASFV antigen detection by antigen ELISA test commercial antigen ELISA test: set up and analysis of the results. ASF antibody detection by ELISA test, ASF antibody detection: confirmatory tests, immunoblotting (OIE-IB) test: set up and analysis of the results; indirect immunoperoxidase test (IPT): set up and analysis of the results. After the completion of theoretical and practical training the wrap up session is planned to have the final discussion on conclusions, recommendations and follow up activities.