FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Regional training on Pesticide Management “Strengthening the pesticide regulatory capacity in Europe and Central Asia”

Chisinau, Moldova, 26/09/2018 - 27/09/2018

The main objective of the workshop is to discuss on pesticides registration toolkit in order to complement and strengthen the existing national pesticide registration procedures and develop a working plan for regional collaboration on pesticides management to promote sustainable agriculture in the region.

For the sustainable intensification of the agricultural production is important to maintain a high productivity while protecting farmers, consumers and the ecosystem from the adverse effects of pesticides, a more sustainable way of increasing food production needs to be targeted.

In this regard, pesticide registration is an important step in the management of pesticides since it enables authorities primarily to determine which products are permitted to be used and for what purposes, and it also makes possible the control over quality, use levels, claims, labeling, packaging, and advertising of pesticides.

In this context, the proper evaluation of pesticides before they are registered for use is an important mechanism to ensure that only appropriate pesticides enter the national market. This is even more so considering that post-registration awareness building, training, compliance monitoring, and enforcement is relatively feeble in many developing countries.