FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Second international workshop on land consolidation and land banking

Budapest, Hungary, 06/06/2011 - 06/06/2011

Since 2007 the FAO led network of CEE countries (LANDNET) and FARLAND are connected, creating excellent conditions for exchange of knowledge and upgrading of approaches related to land tenure issues. The 2011 workshop built on previous workshop outcomes and was organized with a financial contribution from the Netherlands government in the context of the G2G Programme, which is implemented by Agency NL. As part of this contribution DLG assisted FAO in organising two workshops  (November 2010 & June 2011)  on Land Market issues in Central and Eastern Europe.

Based on the evaluation of the November 2010 workshop, the current workshop had two main subjects:
1. Land valuation was always indicated during the last few workshops as a topic where the participants would like to have more information and exchange practical experiences on how this is handled in different countries and contexts.
2. Land abandonment is the second main topic as currently in many countries, land abandonment is an issue that is high on the agenda of policy makers and rural development practitioners alike.

Meeting documents




List of participants


Results of the wrap up session

Opening Session


LANDNET - 2nd International Workshop on Land Consolidation and Land Banking
Richard Eberlin, FAO REU


Evaluation of FAO work on “Tenure, rights and access to land and other natural resources”
Carlos Tarazona FAO, OEDD


Pre emptive rights - overview
Frank van Holst, DLG

Technical Session 1: Land Valuation


Land valuation: International Standards
Jan Spijkerboer, The Netherlands


Rural Valuation
René Gijsbertse, Provice of North Holland


Agricultural valuations: main principles & common obstacles
Simon KEITH MA FRICS, Senior Land Tenure Officer, FAO HQ

Country experiences with land valuation


Sweden -
Land valuation in land consolidation - experiences from Sweden


Bulgaria -
Valuation of the portfolio of Land Bank or Real Estate Investment Trust


Bulgaria -
Land consolidation and land banking - The ultimate goal of a private land owner


Spain -
Renting prices and valuation system of the plots belonging to land bank of Galicia (a methodological approach)


Denmark -
Land valuation in Danish land consolidation projects and experiences from Eastern Europe


Macedonia -
Recent development in land consolidation in Macedonia and land valuation issues


Hungary -
A practical application of land valuation - Introduction to field trip
Dr. Robert Sebestyén, President National Land Fund Management Organisation; Sándor Németh, M RICS; Chartered expert of land appraisal

Technical Session 2: Land abandonment


Land abandonment - Questionnaires
Margarida Ambar, DGADR, Portugal


Assessing the risk of farmland abandonment in the EU - Background, work progress and objectives
Emeric Anguiano JRC-IES, Margarida Ambar, DGADR, Portugal

Country experiences on how to define, monitor and deal with land abandonment


Lithuania -
Land Abandonment in Lithuania


Romania -
Policy options to stimulate land use and land consolidation in Romania


Cyprus -
Land Consolidation in Cyprus


Spain -
How to define, monitor and deal with land abandonment - The Galician experience


Ukraine -
Land reform process in Ukraine

Working Group Sessions and Reports

WG - Drivers of land abandonment (7 June 2011)


Drivers of land abandonment
Background for Working Groups Session


Report from working group

WG – Territorial approaches (8 June 2011)


Can taxation rescue abandoned land?


Introduction to working group session - Results and Follow up to the Oeiras Workshop
Frank van Holst, DLG; Margarida Ambar, DGADR, Portugal


Report from working group

WG –Pre-emptive rights (8 June 2011)


Pre-emptive rights for land mobility? An overview of its application and use
Frank van Holst, DLG