FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Regional workshop on land tenure and land consolidation

Prague, Czech Republic, 21/06/2010 - 24/06/2010

This regional workshop in 2010 provided the opportunity for senior land administrators to learn about how to introduce land banking and to modernize public land management. The workshop aimed to enable participants to assess the requirements of their own countries for land banking and public land management. In addition, the workshop intended to provide input to future FAO guidelines on the topics. Read the Announcement.

Meeting documents



List of Participants

Summary of Working Group Sessions, Wrap-up and Conclusions


Introduction to the Workshop
Mr Richard Eberlin, FAO REU

Land banking - an overview of approaches and experiences
Mr Richard Eberlin, FAO REU

Armenia: The mystery of land banking in Armenia
Mr Karen Khachaturyan, Mr Narek Grigoryan; The State Committee of the Real Property Cadastre of the Government of Armenia

Czech Republic: The Role of Land Consolidations in the Czech Republic Land Management
Ms Radmila Grmelová; Central Land Office, Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic

Galicia (Spain): BanTeGal: Main Successes and Difficulties after 3 Years of Working
Ms Cristina Zolle Fernandez, BanTeGal; Mr Richard Eberlin, FAO

Lithuania: Land Banking in Lithuania
Ms Giedre Leimontaite, Mr Audrius Aleknavicius; National Land Service, Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania

Ukraine: Perspectives of Establishing a Land Bank in Ukraine
Part I.
Part II.
Ms Lesya Shafranskay, Chief of Division of Eurointegration and International Relations, The State Committee of Ukraine for Land Resources; Ms Tetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk, Associate Professor in Economics, Head of Extension Department, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

The management of state and public sector land
David Palmer, FAO

Azerbaijan: Land Management in the Republic of Azerbaijan
Mr Nazim Sultanoglu Ismayilov, Mr Teymur Nizamoglu Nzamzade, Ms Gulnara Allahverdi Ismayilova; State Committee of Land and Cartography, Scientific-Production Centre of State Land Cadastre and Monitoring

Poland: Land Tenure and Land Consolidation - Land Banking and Public Land Management
Ms Jolanta Górska, Mr Bogdan Podgórski; Agricultural Property Agency)

Estonia: Public Land Management in Estonia
Ms Evelin Jürgenson, Mr Siim Maasikamäe; Estonian University of Life Sciences, Department of Geomatics

Serbia: Public Land Management in Serbia
Mr Zoran Knezevic; Directorate for Agriculture Land, Mr Stevan Marosan; University of Belgrade

Support to Network on Land Market Issues in Central and Eastern Europe - Proposed Workshops
Mr Frank van Holst, DLG, The Netherlands

Moldova: Land Re-Parcelling Pilot Project - Objectives, Experiences and Results
Mr Morten Hartvigsen; ORBICON, Denmark