FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Regional Workshop on EU Rural Development Programme 2007-13 and its application to land consolidation

Prague, Czech Republic, 25/06/2007 - 27/06/2007

A regional workshop on land consolidation in the context of the EU's Rural Development Programme 2007-13 was held in June 2007 in Prague. It was sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Czech Republic, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

The 2007 Regional Workshop built on the foundation laid by earlier regional workshops on land consolidation. The 2007 workshop was part of FAO's programme to assist countries to develop responses to their problems of land fragmentation and adverse rural conditions. It was held in response to requests for information on the EU Rural Development Programme (RDP) and, in particular, its requirements and funding options for land consolidation. The RDP is relevant to all European countries whether they are members of the EU, candidate or potential candidate countries, or European neighbours.

The workshop provided an opportunity for senior land administrators to learn about the RDP and its implications for land consolidation. It helped to reinforce and consolidate the knowledge gained by participants in 2005 and 2006, and to strengthen the peer network of professionals who are responsible for implementing land consolidation across the region.

Participants came from Albania, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and UNMIK Kosovo. A representative from the EU Commission - DG Agriculture and Rural Development participated as a resource person for the EU's RDP. Technical sessions were led by specialists from FAO and the Danish and Dutch land consolidation agencies.

The workshop's objectives were to:

  • Inform on the EU's Rural Development Programme 2007-13 and, in particular, its requirements and funding options for land consolidation;
  • Inform on recent lessons learned when implementing land consolidation in the region and exchange positive and negative experiences;
  • Strengthen the peer network of land administration professionals in Central and Eastern Europe who are responsible for implementing land consolidation projects.

Each country prepared a written case study and made a presentation at the workshop on recent activities and priorities for the future. The experiences of more advanced countries were helpful to the countries that are just starting land consolidation initiatives.

Meeting Documents


Opening: Land consolidation and rural development programmes
David Palmer, Richard Eberlin (FAO)

Panel: Country experiences with EU support programmes

Czech Republic
Jana Pivcová

Nicolai Andersen

Vilma Daugaliene

Technical session: Land consolidation and rural development programmes

Land consolidation and rural development - new approaches
Steffen Noleppa

Support measures for EU member states (EAFRD)
Lukas Visek (EC)

Support measures for candidate and potential candidate countries (IPA/IPARD)
Lukas Visek (EC)

Support measures for European Neighbourhood countries (ENPI)
Richard Eberlin (FAO)

Technical session: FARLAND and LEADER

FARLAND (INTERREG IIIC-project "Future Approaches in Regions to Land Development")
Frank van Holst, Vilma Daugaliene, Zsuzsanna Flachner

Land consolidation and the LEADER approach
Morten Hartvigsen

Country case studies

The agricultural land suitability assessment as the main factor for land consolidation activities in Albania
Fatbardh Sallaku, Odeta Tota

The land consolidation pilot project in Armenia
Ashot Muradyan

Condition of ameliorative issues and land consolidation measures in area of Popovo Polje area, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hamid Custovic and Mehemd Cero

The Bulgarian Land Consolidation Strategy 2007-2013 and the share of the Rural Development Programme within the land consolidation process
Kiril Stoyanov

Land consolidation in Croatia
Ana Budanko Penavic, Maja Pupacic

Land consolidation in the Czech Republic and support from EU Funds in 2007-13
Libor Cihal

The land administration system as a framework for the land consolidation in Estonia
Siim Maasikamäe and Mati Tonismäe

Development of land consolidation in Georgia
David Egiashvili

Land consolidation in Hungary: lessons learned from the Bereg FAO pilot project
Zsuzsanna Flachner

Recent developments in land consolidation in Lithuania
Vilma Daugaliene

Problems of land consolidation in the Republic of Moldova
Stefan Calancea and Oleg Horjan

Land consolidation and exchange works in Poland: statute, experiences and priorities
Jerzy Kozlowski and Andrezj Zadura

Approaches and project plans for land consolidation in Romania
Attila Blenesi Dima

Land consolidation and rural development in Serbia
Maja Trajkovic, Zoran Knezevic and Stevan Marosan

Problems and perspectives of consolidation of land in Ukraine
Roman Shmidt and Tetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk

Land consolidation and rural development in UNMIK Kosovo
Afrim Frrokaj and Idriz Gashi