FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Lumpy Skin Disease prevention and control: a new challenge for European countries

Tbilisi, Georgia, 11/11/2015 - 12/11/2015

Subregional workshop under GF-TADS Europe

Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) is caused by the lumpy skin disease virus (i.e. capripoxvirus, poxviridae). The disease affects mainly cattle and Asian water buffaloes. LSD is transmitted by mechanical vectors - biting and blood-feeding arthropods, including biting flies and mosquitoes, though rare, direct transmission can occur between infected animals. The disease is usually transferred to infection-free areas by transport of animals infested with vectors. LSD is a disease that results in substantial economic losses in terms of dairy and meat production, and it also causes damages to hides. LSD is endemic in many African countries and is rapidly spreading throughout Middle East including Turkey (2013) and Caucasus (Azerbaijan, 2014) and recent emergence to Greece (August 2015) and Russian Federation (Dagestan, September 2015).

Considering the above-mentioned FAO organizes a sub-regional workshop on Lumpy Skin Disease prevention and control in cooperation with EC DG SANTE and the OIE. The workshop will be held in Tbilisi, Georgia on 11-12 November 2015 in the framework of the GF-TADs Europe.

The general objective of the workshop is to present and discuss the current status of the prevention and control of the Lumpy Skin Disease, focusing on new challenges for Eastern European countries.

The following main topics: Epidemiology of Lumpy Skin Disease: virus characteristics, resistance and survival of virus, geographical distribution and host range; pathogenesis and clinical signs; route of transmission; possible pathways of introduction in Eastern Europe. Laboratory diagnostics of Lumpy Skin Disease: detection of antigen and antibodies with emphasis on the most reliable and quick methods – real time PCR and serum/virus neutralization, as well as vaccination programme for endemic and at high risk of incursion countries will be in the centre of interest during the workshop.

The representatives of veterinary services of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russian Federation and Ukraine will attend the event. The experts from FAO HQs and FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia, Israel, EC, OIE Reference Laboratory on LSD will take part in the workshop.


Role of vaccination and the evaluation of LSD control programmes
Dr Nick Lyons

Chronology of New Incursions
Eran Raizman

Application of zoning/ regionalisation for LSD in the EU
Francesco Berlingieri

Lumpy Skin Disease
Dr. Even-Tov Boris

Lumpy Skin Disease in Israel
Dr. Even-Tov Boris

LSD/Vvaccination programme
Dr. Even-Tov Boris

Lumpy skin disease (LSD)
Dr. Yevgeny Khinich
Нодулярный Дерматит (LSD)
д-р Евгений Хинич

Lumpy skin disease ( LSD ) – direct protection
Dr. Yevgeny Khinich
Нодулярный Дерматит (LSD ) - специфическая профилактика заболевания
д-р Евгений Хинич

Lumpy skin disease ( LSD ) – Indirect protection
Dr. Yevgeny Khinich
Неспецифическая профилактика заболевания
д-р Евгений Хинич

Нодулярный Дерматит КРС в Азербайджане
Нигяр Сафи - Айнур Аскерова

Нодулярный Дерматит  КРС - профилактика и контроль -  опыт в РФ