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Young Macedonian artist calls attention to saving bees

Bees are a key player in the food chain and play important role in preserving food security, improving nutrition, and fighting hunger. World Food Day inspired Sara Cvetkova, an 11-year-old student from North Macedonia, to turn her imagination and artistic talent into a poster calling attention to “saving bees for a #ZeroHunger world.”

Sara won the first prize in the World Food Day Poster Contest 2019. Her poster was selected as one of the top three in the age 9–12 category.

“We have a bee to thank for the food we eat. Safeguarding bees safeguards life on our planet,” said Sara. She knows that bees and other pollinators are essential to the production of micronutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and oils we eat. She is also aware that bees are under threat due to human factors – use of pesticides, air pollution, and climate change.

In her poster, she explains, “Bees carry our planet on their backs to show that Mother Nature needs bees to produce healthy food. Bees need people to protect them, and we all should protect bees for the future of our food and a world free of hunger.”

Without young people like Sara, World Food Day would not have been the same. Sara and her fellow contestants around the world are the Zero Hunger Champions who help spread the word that our actions are our future. By caring for the environment and living sustainably, we all can help preserve our ecosystems and food security.

19 February 2020, Skopje, North Macedonia