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Lumpy Skin Disease Contingency Plan Template & Emergency Vaccination Plan

(This template has been developed by FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia)


FAO has developed two complementary documents/guides to aid veterinary services in their preparedness against lumpy skin disease (LSD), namely:

An LSD contingency plan is as a key instrument for preparedness and control of a disease emergency. The general objectives of this contingency plan is that:

  • Competent Veterinary Authorities are able to deal quickly and effectively with LSD

  • Veterinary staff at all levels are fully aware on their roles and responsibilities during an LSD
    outbreak and are trained and competent in their tasks;

  • Cattle farming community and relevant agencies over which the veterinary administration
    has no direct control will co-operate with the central veterinary authorities and provide
    assistance to the veterinary services in disease eradication;

  • Personnel, equipment and financial resources are made available quickly enough in order to
    avoid any delays in dealing with the emergency situation.

The contingency plan is elaborated taken into consideration the geopolitical position of the country, its
animal health status, structure of the livestock sector, domestic bovine population, surveillance,
prevention and control strategies in place, administrative organization of the country, and
epidemiological situation of LSD in the region.
The contingency plan will be revised and improved whenever necessary and at least once every five

The contingency plan should be revised and improved whenever necessary and at least once every five