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FAO, Agrarco LLC agree to cooperate on boosting Azerbaijan’s hazelnut sector


FAO and Agrarco LLC signed a cooperation agreement to coordinate activities under the project “Catalyzing the efficiency and sustainability of Azerbaijan’s hazelnut sector.”

Within the framework of the cooperation, activities are planned to apply good practices in using sustainable bioenergy along the hazelnut value chain, examine causes of aflatoxin contamination during production and processing, and increase the capacity of farmers in this area.

The signature event was attended by representatives of FAO, Agrarco LLC, the Ministry of Agriculture, Agrarian Credit and Development Agency, Agrarian Services Agency, as well as other agencies.

Melek Cakmak, FAO Representative, and Javid Kazimov, Agrarco Chief Executive Officer, stressed the importance of the agreement during the ceremony, followed by a speech from the Chairman of the Agrarian Credit and Development Agency, Seymur Movlayev, and the project coordinator, Surkhay Novruzov.

“In FAO, we welcome strategic partnerships between the private sector and public authorities in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals,” said Melek Cakmak. “In particular, creating opportunities for private sector cooperation contributes to food security and the sustainable diversification of food systems.”

According to the cooperation agreement, project beneficiary hazelnut farmers will be involved in various activities related to the application of good practices. Agrarco LLC will provide the company's existing gardens and equipment for farmers’ training. Further plans will assess the bioenergy potential of the hazelnut value chain, as well as final energy consumption, and coordinate activities related to value chain logistics for the mobilization of waste and greenhouse gasses. Under the agreement, parties will also help take stock of farmers' potential for sustainable hazelnut product management, post-harvest work, processing, and safety.

Principles of international cooperation in the field of human rights and environmental protection, in line with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, are reflected in the cooperation agreement.

27 April 2022, Baku, Azerbaijan