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TitleCountryRegionStarting DateEnding DateDonor and funding sourceProject symbolTotal budget (USD)
Strengthening local capacities to build resilience through emergency assistance for livelihoods, foodsecurity, nutrition, water and protection, with vulnerable population groups in Colombia and Venezuela.Bolivia (Plurinational State of)Latin America and the Caribbean01/06/201931/08/2020 OSRO/RLA/902/EC2,013,422
Scaling up FbF/EWEA and SRSP for disaster resilience in ASEAN Asia and the Pacific01/05/201930/04/2021European Union: ECHOOSRO/RAS/901/EC2,197,803
South Sudan Rural Development: Strengthening Smallholders/ Resilience / SORUDEV SSRSouth SudanAfrica15/04/201914/04/2022 OSRO/SSD/801/EC2,277,200
Resilience building for food and income security in shock-affected areas (PROACT)MozambiqueAfrica01/04/201931/03/2022 UNJP/MOZ/128/EC1,141,552
Strengthening of comprehensive and multisectoral risk management to reduce livelihoods vulnerability of indigenous communities exposed to multiple threats and hidden risks in the Bolivian Altiplano and ColombiaBolivia (Plurinational State of)Latin America and the Caribbean01/04/201930/04/2021 OSRO/RLA/901/EC1,560,759
Assessment and Monitoring of the Fishery Resources and the Ecosystems in the Straits of Sicily MSMY7 Global / Interregional15/03/201914/03/2020OtherGCP /INT/364/EC569,350
Scientific Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea - AdriaMed EC Y10 Global / Interregional15/03/201914/03/2020OtherGCP /INT/361/EC569,350
Global Network Against Food Crises Partnership Programme - Country Investment CubaCubaLatin America and the Caribbean15/03/201915/03/2022 GCP /CUB/022/EC2,415,459
PROMOVE Agribiz - Improving rural competitiveness in Nampula and Zambézia provincesMozambiqueAfrica01/03/201929/02/2024 GCP /MOZ/127/EC32,335,036
Amélioration du système d'information et d'analyse de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelleCameroonAfrica01/03/201930/04/2021European Union: ECHOOSRO/CMR/903/EC1,118,837
Transforming Zimbabwe's animal health & sanitary & phytosanitary/Food safety systems for the futureZimbabweAfrica01/02/201930/04/2022 GCP /ZIM/030/EC3,990,869
Support FAO's PSMA Global Capacity Development Programme Global / Interregional01/02/201930/04/2021 GCP /INT/356/EC824,445
Post COFI-33 related follow-up actions: VGMFG and Transshipment Global / Interregional01/02/201931/01/2020 GCP /INT/358/EC341,160
Resilient, Inclusive and Competitive Agriculture Value Chain Development in Southern and Central Regions of SomaliaSomaliaAfrica01/02/201931/01/2022 OSRO/SOM/819/EC7,970,900
Strengthening Food Security Information and Early Warning SystemYemenNear East and North Africa01/02/201931/01/2021 OSRO/YEM/902/EC6,757,860