La evaluación en la FAO

Evaluation of FAO's country programme in Tunisia 2016–2020


The evaluation of the FAO country program in Tunisia (2016-2020) examines the relevance of FAO's strategic positioning in relation to the country's priorities and the Organization's comparative advantages as well as FAO's contributions to expected results in the five priority areas of the Country Programming Framework (CPF) and FAO's strategic objectives. It is primarily addressed to the Government of Tunisia, the FAO Country Office and their technical and financial partners for the purposes of strategic guidance, enlightenment for decision-making and accountability. The assessment thus makes various recommendations. FAO should first orient its action during the next CPF towards sustainable, inclusive and job-creating agricultural transformation.

This single unifying objective would make it possible to avoid the scattering of its intervention, to promote synergies and to channel public and private investments. Three strategic axes could thus be retained in connection with the management of the shortage of natural resources, the reduction of inequalities in rural areas and territorial development. FAO should also provide itself with the means to ensure control over its programming and the quality of its operations at the operational level. Finally, the indicators of the expected results matrix of the new CPF should be redefined in order to emphasize sustainability and impact.

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