La evaluación en la FAO

Evaluation of FAO’s contribution in Burkina Faso


This evaluation examined the contribution and strategic positioning of FAO in Burkina Faso over the period 2010-2014.  It found that FAO in Burkina Faso has helped strengthen the resilience of vulnerable households, nutrition-sensitive agriculture, climate change adaptation, water management, seed and non-wood forestry production, and food security policy development. The Organization contributed to the formulation of rural development policies, strategies and programmes. It however found that implementation of the policies and programmes supported by FAO has been slow due to resource constraints experienced by the government. It therefore recommends that FAO should support the government in mobilising resources for implementing these policies and strengthening capacities of national partners particularly at the decentralized level. It also recommends that the new Country Programming Framework should reflect the important work that FAO is doing on climate change in the country.

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