La evaluación en la FAO

Final Evaluation of the Project, Development of a Framework for the Progressive Control of Foot and Mouth Disease in Pakistan


This evaluation analysed achievements of the project in context, having revisited observations and recommendations made during the mid-term review of the project. It concluded that the project has demonstrated that only with well-functioning surveillance and diagnostic services can the required vaccine be identified and purchased. It has combined people and resources from provincial/regional and the federal veterinary services with those of FAO, USDA and several other organizations into a network that has a clear objective of progressive control of foot and mouth disease in Pakistan. It recommends that FAO should start a bridging project to keep the momentum and build on the strategic gains, in anticipation of the approved national (foot and mouth disease progressive control) program. FAO should further expand related awareness activities with better targeting of female field veterinarians and female livestock extension and health workers, in addition to facilitating regional exchange of experiences.

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