La evaluación en la FAO

Mid-term evaluation of the Forest and Farm Facility programme


This evaluation examined activities of the Forest and Farm Facility programme in the 10 focus countries: Bolivia, Gambia, Guatemala, Kenya, Liberia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nicaragua, Vietnam and Zambia. It assessed the effectiveness and strategic relevance of FAO’s contribution to social protection and the inclusion of marginalised groups in decision-making processes through the programme. It found that Forest and Farm Facility has made good progress and is filling gaps in rural development cooperation on regional, global and country levels. It has implicitly supported value chains upgrading through activities aimed at value addition. The evaluation however found that the inability to advance forest and farm producer organisations to a higher status limits their capacity to engage, for example, with financial institutions for loans. It recommends that the programme should improve its value chain development approach by adding elements that focus on value addition, processing and linkage to various actors in the same chains. It also recommends enhancement of support to the development of women’s entrepreneurship in forest and farm-based value chains in order to ensure equal participation in value chains and linkages to markets.

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