La evaluación en la FAO

Evaluation of the project on Mainstreaming Food and Nutrition Security and the Right to Food into the Smallholder Commercialization Programme of Sierra Leone


This evaluation assessed progress in supporting the Government of Sierra Leone and its partners to promote the Right to Food and improve dietary quality through a smallholder commercialisation programme and district development plans. It found that the project has produced significant and strategically important outputs that have the potential for long-term impact. It was instrumental to the establishment of a central food and nutrition security coordination mechanism in the country, has contributed to the promotion of dietary diversity through the preparation of the Food-based Dietary Guidelines and the inclusion of food and nutrition security and Right to Food in the Bachelor of Science degree curriculum. The evaluation notes that the guidelines is yet to be disseminated and that the pre-service curriculum needs to be substantiated. The Government of Sierra Leone will be implementing activities to promote food and nutrition security and Right to Food, but there are no plans yet for district level implementation. It recommends that further technical and financial support be provided for the district coordination mechanisms and for the dissemination and rollout of the guidelines. It also recommends the inclusion of food and nutrition security in the next Country Programming Framework (2016-2019).

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