La evaluación en la FAO

Evaluation of the project on Strategies for Trawl Fisheries Bycatch Management


This evaluation assessed activities and achievements of the Strategies for Trawl Fisheries Bycatch Management project from inception in January 2011 to June 2016. It found that the project has achieved many but not all of the intended results across its four components and has contributed to achieving the global environment objective and the project development objective. The project facilitated the capacity development of the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, which will serve to support improvements in fisheries management in the future. There are good prospects for sustaining the project’s results at the environmental, social, financial and institutional levels, and high potential for replication and upscaling of some successful project activities and outcomes. It notes however that the project was more successful in laying the groundwork for the objectives to be realised in the future rather than in actually achieving them and that at the time of the evaluation many of the intended project results remained ‘work in progress’. The evaluation recommends a follow-on activity that will provide additional support for improved governance and management of trawl fisheries in the region as well as documentation and dissemination of key lessons learned in implementing the project.

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