La evaluación en la FAO

Final evaluation of Sudan Food Security Policy and Strategy Capacity Building programme


This evaluation assessed the value of the Food Security Policy and Strategy Capacity Building programme to identified stakeholders in South Sudan from inception in 2012 to date. It assessed project achievements at the federal, state and local levels based on evidence from the field. It found that the project has promoted food and nutrition security policy action at state level with key innovations that resulted in good examples of integrated, inclusive and evidence-based decisions. It found that the information products and coordination will continue to be of value and that the collective participation in research has contributed to capacity development and evidence base for policies and strategies. The evaluation noted that certain gaps in sequencing and monitoring has made it difficult to fulfill the intent of the programme outcomes as reflected in the programme document. It also noted that the food and nutrition security strategy processes began late and therefore had not been completed at the time of the evaluation. It recommends that with support from FAO’s Regional Office for the Near East, FAO Sudan should reinforce support to the food and nutrition monitoring, research and policy information systems in the country.

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